Glasses For Less

Glasses For Less


We operate on a package pricing system, which includes the LENS & ANY FRAME in our regular stock.

Glasses For Less
Glasses For Less

Single Vision

Choose from any regular stock frame
Up to 4.00 Diopters Power $59.99
(Single vision lens and frame complete)

Glasses For Less


(Standard Bifocal lens and frame complete)
Up to 3.00 Diopters $89.99
     (FT 28 or Cryptok 22)

F.T. 35 $139.99

F.T. 45 $169.99
(Executive & Blendeds)

Glasses For Less


Up to 3.00 Diopters
7 x 28 - $169.99
8 x 35 - $169.99
8 x 45 & Executive - $169.99

Glasses For Less

PFL Progressives 

(Progressive lens and frame complete)
(No Line multi-focal lens)


Glasses For Less

Specialy Frames

As Marked

Glasses For Less

Specialy Lens

Rx over 4.00 Diopters
-SV $20.00
-MF $30.00
Oversized Blanks
-SV $20.00
-MF $30.00
Oversized Adds $15.00
Double D's (Glass or Plastic) $150.00
Clear Glass Lens
-SV 75.00
-MF $75.00
Polycarbonate or High Index Lens
Single Vision $50.00 - $65.00
B-Focals Starting at $80.00
Tri-Focals or Progressives Starting at $100.00
Prism per lens $10.00

Glasses For Less

Tints & Coatings
(Plastic Lens)

Tints and Coatings
Fashion Tint (One Color) $10.00
Fashion Tint (Two or More colors) $15.00
Scratch Resistant Coating $20.00
UV Protective Coating $20.00
Tint Package (Tint, Scratch Coating and UV Protection) $25.00
Anti Reflection Coating $80.00
Mirror Coating $150.00
Polarized Lens $150.00
Photo Chromatic Lens Changeable $100.00
       Extra Active $125.00

Glasses For Less

Tints and Coatings
(Glass Lens)

Single Vision $75.00
Multi-Focal $100.00

Glasses For Less

Additional Edging

Rolled and/or Polished $25.00

Drilled (For drilled rimless frames) $25.00

Glasses For Less

Contact Lens

The best contact lenses on the market starting at just $35.00 per box!

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